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Welcome to the EMF Hams Wiki Site

What is EMF Camp (Link)? It's a Biannual (every 2 years) event for hackers, makers and geeky people to get together started in 2012. In 2016 some of the things you could do at the event included the following (in no particular order):-
have Mains electricity, WiFi or Cabled internet to your tent, use Amateur Radio, become a True Scotsman, be on bridge of Star Trek ship, get a hackable conference badge, play retro arcade & console games, blacksmithing, maths, ring making, Karaoke, play 3D life sized Guitar hero, internet controlled lighting of a rabbit, order a drink over the internet and watch a robot make it, play Dungeons and dragons or cards against humanity, watch sumo robot competition & fire ping pong, 3D printing, Laser cutting, use a BBC micro to Tweet, smoke machines, Laser tag, tuck shop, hackerspace passports and stamps, use a BBS, soldering, BBQ, use a fire pit, play laser tag, ethical lock picking

Where & When

Electromagnetic Field 2018 will be held on 31 August–2 September 2018 at Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Ledbury


UK and International Amateur Radio operators who gather in or near the Amateur Radio Village at EMF Camp events

EMF Hams page on EMF Camp wiki



Chat with us

IRC / Telegram

We're using IRC and Telegram to organise the Amateur Radio Village, & you can find us on #emfhams on Freenode or our Telegram Group. The IRC channel and Telegram group are linked, so you can use either.

  • IRC Network - on port 6667 (non-SSL) or 6697 (SSL, recommended)
    • Channel - #emfhams
    • Username - Callsign or other username
    • Web Based Link to #emfhams - Webbased #emfhams channel
    • Connect through Tor (Instructions can be found here)
  • Join our Telegram Group (iPhone, Android Apps & Web Based)

Digital Radio

  • DMR, EchoLink, AllStar, IRN radio via our new EMF Hub

Social Media

We have a Facebook group with pictures, videos and other bits:

Attendess & Logbook

EMF Ham Attendees

GB4EMF Log Book 2016

Pages from main EMF Camp wiki for EMF Hams

Village:Amateur_Radio page 2018

Village:Amateur_Radio page 2016

Village:Amateur_Radio page 2014

Help with using this Wiki

Wiki's are by their nature meant to be easy for anyone to use. Anyone can edit the page, meaning that anyone can contribute.
You can learn more about this and how to do basic formatting here at EMF HamsWiki Help. You can play around in the Sand Box.