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Amateur Radio

Quoting from Wikipedia Amateur Radio page "Amateur radio (also called "ham" radio) describes the use of radio frequency spectra for purposes of non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, private recreation and emergency communication".

During EMF 2018 will shall be showcasing Amateur Radio on Bands from 3.5 MHz (80m) to 430MHz (70cm) and maybe higher. We'll also have a local frequency on either 144MHz (2m) &/or 430MHz (70cm) FM.

For reference, the EMF site in Eastnor is at Gridsquare: IO82ta. WAB Square: SO73

Unique Hackerspace passport stamp available on site. Please ask for Paul M0TZO for the stamp in your passport.

Special Event Callsigns

Amateur Radio Village will be operating a special event station: GB2EMF
NoV Holder is MM0MRU

Local Comms

145.425 NFM / 433.425 FM (If in use by other Amateurs then please try 145.450 / 433.450)

Amateur Radio chat on IRC/Telegram/Facebook

We're using IRC and Telegram to organise the Amateur Radio Village, & you can find us on #emfhams on Freenode or our Telegram Group. The IRC channel and Telegram group are linked, so you can use either.

  • IRC Network - on port 6667 (non-SSL) or 6697 (SSL, recommended)
  • Channel - #emfhams
  • Username - Callsign or other username
  • Web Based Link to #emfhams - Webbased #emfhams channel
  • Connect through Tor (Instructions can be found here)
  • Join our Telegram Group (iPhone, Android Apps & Web Based)

There is also a Facebook group with pictures, videos and other bits:

Chat Members

Callsign* IRC Name First Name Role Ticket Notes
M6LPI M6LPI Neil   No  
MØRVM tgreer Thomas      
M0WPG paul-M0WPG Paul (another)   No Bringing Gazebo & SCAM12 mast
2M0STB irl Iain   No  
5Q5R mihtjel Rune      
MØNGY Filbert Jon   No  
M0RYS kraptv Ryan      
MM3ZRZ hibby/Røde Dave Buckfast Warrior Nah Manages Scottish Consulate, will have 5.4m mast in consulate
MØTZO MØTZO Paul Ham Village Lead Yes Bringing some Radios and Cards Against Humanity (big set)
M0SPN M0SPN Steve   No  
DB1SQU SQUelcher Kai      
M0NIT M0NIT Jan      
M0PLL plett Paul (yet another one!)   No  
M0DLX Dominic Dominic   No Bringing IC-706, 2m/70cms beams, may enter contests
HB9EGM hb9egm Matthias     Doing DAB things
M0NIT jasiek Jan      
M0XPX MatStace Mat   Yes
G6VZM g6vzm JJ Token old bloke with G- call to balance the inclusivity statistics. No Could bring FT-1000MP if shack is dry and secure, definitely FT-897D, 10m lightweight guyed mast, 2+70 yagis if required, organising (but not actual transporting) 50m RG213 from LHS and antenna cable believed to be 15-20m of RG-213.
M6KVA pe5er Peter Village First Aider No Bringing Kenwood TM-241E, Realtek SDRs, selection of DIY 2m antennas
MM0MRU WSPR Calum Village Idiot Yes NoV Holder for GB2EMF
M1PFS M1PFS Pete   No SDR stuff and Raspberry Pi
M1DHL murb bill   No  
G0VQH jennyb Jenny   No Campervan + Large Tarheel. KX3+Pole+wire+gaffer tape for something creative;
IV3BSI g5pw Aljaž   No  
PD5KNR Knorrie Hans Learning stuff No  
ON4PHP trouble Philip   No  
MM0TKE tkerby Tim   No Bringing an APRS iGate and a Yaesu VX-8
2EØSIP marrold Matthew   No FM + DMR Gateway, possibly a cheapo 20W 2&70 Mobile Radio? (12/07/2018)

* If you have a Callsign

Local Repeaters

List needs updating for new location

Repeater Output Recieve CTCSS/DMR Distance Notes

ISS Passes

List needs updating for New location and times.

There are quite a few ISS passes of which at least six are at high angle during hacker-friendly times:

Date Start Alt Az Highest Alt Az End Alt Az Pass type


There are a couple of contests on during EMF which we might want to put together a station for:

Also here nearer the time will be contest over the EMF Camp weekend 8 Day Contest Calendar


Some tasks may already be complete - if so please add owner/completion date. Otherwise feel free to take ownership.

Task* Owner Date Complete Notes
Contact RSGB News     Sent item for special event stations
Contact RADCOM     Press release?
Contact GB2RS     Sent item for special event stations
emfcamp     Press release (Facebook/Twitter)?
Contact RSGB     Requested promo paterial
Contact Yaesu     Requested promo items & equipment loans
Contact Icom     Requested promo items & equipment loans
Contact Kenwood     Requested promo items & equipment loans
Contact Moonraker     Requested antenna loans (for satellite)
Furniture     Organise loan/hire of tables & chairs
Equipment     Contact attendees and compile definitive radio/antenna/mast list
Event Write Up     Something to post on Social Media after event
Photos     Maybe have a Shared DropBox or space somewhere

Station Planning

Initial plan made from comments/equipment above. Please keep updated with offers/changes.

Bear in mind that this is an initial framework based on the offers of equipment received and the constraints of the site as best we can determine from Google/OS etc. It's quite likely to change on the day so please don't be surprised if you've offered equipment to do one thing but we suggest it's better for something else. If you have particular plans please raise it in the IRC channel.



Do we want a dedicated base station doing V/UHF Voice?

Hardware Description Purpose Owner
Radio Kenwood D710GE 2/70 rig with APRS Jon (M0NGY)
Mast/Antenna Support
Digital Voice
Hardware Description Purpose Owner
Radio Connect Systems CS-580 UHF DMR Rig I will leave in the tent for demonstrations etc 2E0SIP
Radio Motorola DM4000 UHF DMR Rig which can be left setup in the tent as well... M0NGY

irl from ScotCon was talking about bringing a 44net packet data gateway.

Hardware Description Purpose Owner
Interface Cable
Mast/Antenna Support

We are going to have an APRS Digipeater and iGate running on site. If you have anything which can send or receive APRS packets, please bring it, it will be a lonely little digipeater if it has no traffic to pass.

Hardware Description Purpose Owner
Radio Kenwood TM-251E Fanless 5/10/50W 2m rig with its own laptop style 12v PSU Paul M0PLL
TNC Direwolf
Interface Cable G4ZLP box radio in, usb out Paul M0PLL
PC a crap old laptop I'd normally use a Pi, but this lets me run xastir or similar for demonstrations Paul M0PLL
Antenna Diamond X-30 clone A white stick which does 3dBi at 2m Paul M0PLL
Mast/Antenna Support the emfhams gazebo and cable ties! That should be enough height to cover the site, and I haven't got anything taller

Are we going to have Satellite communications on site?

Hardware Description Purpose Owner
Mast/Antenna Support


Please list below any HF Hardware you are bringing and what you'd like to try and use it for. I (Hibby) have listed out some essentials and left the ones I can't provide blank so we know it's not currently coming. Please fill in the blanks!


Does this need to be a separate station from the HF Data station? Shall we schedule timeshare between the two?

Hardware Description Purpose Owner
Radio IC-706mkI HF+2m voice rig Dominic (M0DLX)
Radio FT857 HF Voice Rig Jon (M0NGY)
ATU LDG Z-11Pro II Antenna matcher Dominic (M0DLX)
Antenna BuddiPole w/Mast


Allows RF to be propogated Jon (M0NGY)
Mast/Antenna Support 10m? Aluminium Mast Putting stuff on Jon (M0NGY) / Dominic (M0DLX)

Target Modes: FT8, RTTY, PSK63... Hellschreiber?

Target Bands: 20m, 30m, 40m

Hardware Description Purpose Owner
Radio Yaesu 450D can also bring PSU Mat M0XPX
Modem/Interface Digimaster Pro 3 to link computer and radio Mat M0XPX
'Shack PC' Dell Something-or-other Hibby can bring a shack PC/screen/keys/mouse with FLDigi, WSJT-X and other requests. It will be running Debian hamradio blend as I help make it Hibby
ATU MFJ 949E ATU for 2x antennas Hibby
Antenna Sotabeams Triband Antenna Antenna for 20, 30, 40m Hibby
Mast/Support Sotabeams 7m Pole Support for triband Hibby

DMR and Analogue Gateway

Function* Item Owner Notes
Transceiver Tait 8105 UHF 2E0SIP 2x
PSU Sharam 23A Switching PSU 2E0SIP
Antenna Diamond X30 2E0SIP
Mast Telescopic Mast Doo-Dad 2E0SIP
Feeder RG8X patch leads + UltraFlex7 feeder to antenna 2E0SIP


Item* Owner Notes
Gazebo EMF Camp Rented from EMF
Power Distribution
Rotator  ?  ?
Table and stools EMF Camp Rented from EMF
 ?x chairs EMF Camp Rented from EMF
Ligthing EMF Camp Believed to be part of the tent?


Item* Owner Notes
Mains cables everyone! You always need more 4-way bars than you have

Useful Links

GW6ITJ UK Band Plans USA Band Plans